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Accountant Perth

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Our focus is on you, our Client.  We employ a proven approach that will help you achieve superior business performance and identify new directions that will build the value of your enterprise.  Our services are designed and formulated solely to ensure that you achieve the lifestyle you deserve and we will be with you every step of the way.

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Personalised Financial Consultations Available

We begin by bringing clarity to the challenges faced by your business. We apply our global perspective and knowledge of worldwide best practices, and then use powerful diagnostic tools to clarify your business issues.

Business Accounting & Consultation Services

Our approach will develop robust yet creative solutions that address the key requirements of your business. We create a work plan for you based on leading management concepts and proven methodologies that will lead to the key deliverables.
Sharing information is a vital ingredient in gaining the buy-in that will turn your goals into realities. We communicate with you and other stakeholders to ensure involvement and agreement throughout the process.
We will help you implement and manage whatever change is required, directed by a clear plan with milestones, timelines and defined resources.
And finally, your profit. The ROCG approach ultimately delivers greater profits for your business. Of course you will profit in monetary terms, but also from the increased value of your business and in the satisfaction you gain from the ownership of a superior enterprise.
Whether your company is just starting up or is on the verge of becoming a global powerhouse, our services can help you manage and sustain your business growth.

Our core services are:
Personalised Financial Consultations Available
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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Onwards and upwards

With our holistic approach to business advisory, we will guide you through every stage of transition, continuously improving every aspect of your business to keep you moving towards your goals.

What we offer to you and your business

No business problem is unique. No matter how complex it has been solved before.
We get the right solution for your specific situation. We are your local accountant in Perth ready to come to you if you can't make it to us.

Need a Financial Advisor Perth? Look no further. Call us now +618 6315 2700.

Accountant Perth

Accounting, Compliance, Tax, and Business Advisory

At ROCG we offer a full range of taxation services. Our taxation division is nationally recognised which means we can offer advice based on proven knowledge and experience.

Our proactive approach ensures we deliver a consistent service and build solid relationships which stand the test of time. Taxation can be a major cost to your business. We work in partnership with you to minimise your tax and help you achieve your key objective.

Accounting Reports

Management Consulting and Business Improvement

We act as a part of your management team, helping, providing the right advice and the benefit of our extensive experience across a broad range of small to mid sized businesses.

We have years of experience working with businesses of various sizes and industries and have formulated a process that will prepare you for a smooth transition whether you’re starting a business, wanting to maximise profitability, or getting ready to sell.

R&D Grant

R&D Tax Incentive Assistance

Many companies are unaware of the R&D incentive and the financial benefits it provides. Others simply do not have the in-house capabilities to make a claim. Insight Business is your strategic partner in this field. Through our knowledge and expertise, our clients get the financial support they deserve to further grow their businesses and reach their full potential.

Financial Planner Perth

Financial Planning
and Wealth Creation

Taking control of your financial future starts with careful financial planning. Too many people believe that working towards retirement means setting aside some savings and hoping for the best. This approach is not an example of fiscal responsibility.

In fact, it is an example of fiscal irresponsibility. Planning for your future is not as simple as setting money aside. There are many factors including inflation, tax rates, and interest rates to take into account.


Superannuation and
​SMSF Advisory

Did you know that your contributions to your superannuation fund are taxed at a substantially lower rate than your income? This means that, simply by placing your money into your superannuation fund instead of a savings account, you have already made a stronger investment in your future.

Plus, when it comes time for you to draw from your superannuation fund, there will be additional tax breaks available to you.

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