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create a solution

No business problem is unique. No matter how complex, it has been solved somewhere before and so, it can be again. We thoroughly examine all possibilities to ensure the best solution.
clarify challenge

We're only able to help once we've gained absolute clarity about your challenges. We question and probe as much as it takes to ensure we really understand what your needs are.
client challenge

Business is full of challenges. Lots of them can be overcome without outside assistance but there are many you'll need some help with. Whether it's something we've noticed and brought to your attention or you've contacted us about a problem - we're here to help you overcome your challenges.
communicate solution

It is not good enough that we understand the solution - to make an informed decision, you must also understand it. We explain the solution in plain English so that the reasons for it and the consequences of it are well understood.
implement change

Once the challenge is understood and a solution is agreed, all that remains is to implement it. We help manage the implementation to ensure the result you wanted is achieved.

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Personalised Financial Consultations Available

Life Cycle of Business
Onwards and upwards

With our holistic approach to business advisory, we will guide you through every stage of transition, continuously improving every aspect of your business to keep you moving towards your goals.
Personalised Financial Consultations Available
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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ROCG Perth - Providing Clarity to Business
We know that receiving an invoice for a 10 minute phone call is frustrating so we offer clients the  choice of a fixed price agreement that includes all those quick questions you often want to ask but don't.

Being able to contact your Advisor when you need them is something we work hard to ensure. We don't screen phone calls either - this means you won't be given the 3rd degree about who you are and what you're calling about. We just put you straight through. If we're not available when you call, our service standard is to return all calls within 24 hours.

It's really just good old fashioned customer service.
ROCG Perth - Getting Results for Your Business
We are results focussed

Your success is paramount to us. Whether we're advising you on how to protect your assets, helping you finance new equipment or doing your annual tax planning, our focus is on achieving the best possible result for you.
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All businesses follow a life cycle

The initial growth and accomplishment will inevitably be followed by decline and failure - unless - a planned series of corrections keeps your business tracking towards success and rejuvenation.
​Continuous improvement requires constant review of all facets of your business.
The decision of what products or services to sell, who to sell them to and how to make a profit, requires a strategy (even if it is 'subconscious').

Consider these areas for overall business improvement:
While you, as the business owner, or, the leaders within your business, may have the vision required, it is critical for all stakeholders to share a view of where the business is going.

Consider these areas for overall business improvement:
Business future proofing
Business model assessment
Vision communication
As your business grows, your business structure should evolve to accommodate increasing income and tax complexity. Your organisational structure may also require review as you employee more staff to run the business effectively.

Consider these areas for overall business improvement:
Business structure review
Role and responsibility assessment
When operating your business, it is important to always bear in mind who your target market is. Who is your service or product for? Are these customers aware of your business offering and where to find you? If you haven't heard of an Accountant that can offering Marketing services before, you have now. Ask us how.

Consider these areas for overall business improvement:
Digital presence
and online marketing
As your business grows, you will naturally employee more staff and add more people to your organisation. The people within your business have the potential to drive innovation and future business success. The need to have the right people has never been more critical.

Consider these areas for overall business improvement:
Employment processes
Reward and remuneration assessment
Team advisory board
Do you have our business finances under control? Finances work out how to provide your offering to your market at profit. Without tracking these results, you could end up working overly hard for little reward.

Consider these areas for overall business improvement:
Management reporting
Business performance
​health check
With more people, departments, product lines/services ... your business now needs to systemise the way it works.

Consider these areas for overall business improvement:
Business process systemisation
Internal control assessment
Policies and procedures documentation
Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, your business is all about the products and services on offer to your target market. In order to be successful and stay that way, your product offering must be under constant review.

Consider these areas for overall business improvement:
Product mix
People, departments, systems ... now a corporate culture is developing on its own. Managing your corporate culture requires guidelines and clarity.

Consider these areas for overall business improvement:
Innovation promotion
Leadership development and empowerment
Team satisfaction improvement
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