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Taking control of your financial future starts with careful financial planning. Too many people believe that working towards retirement means setting aside some savings and hoping for the best. This approach is not an example of fiscal responsibility. In fact, it is an example of fiscal irresponsibility. Planning for your future is not as simple as setting money aside. There are many factors including inflation, tax rates, and interest rates to take into account.
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ROCG Financial Planning Services

We are specialist Wealth Advisors and Financial Planners who assess your current financial situation, listen to your goals in life and then guide you step-by-step to create, build and protect your wealth. With some careful planning, it is possible to build a strong financial future.
If you want to take control of your financial future, it is critical to put a plan into motion. Financial planning services will help you determine exactly what your financial goals are the steps that you can take to achieve them. Our advisors can show you how to dream big and achieve major goals or even show you the basics. Don’t use guesswork to prepare for something as important as your future.

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Personalised Financial Consultations Available
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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Financial Security is a cornerstone in our lives, many people spend their lives working hard and getting nowhere. With some careful planning, it is possible to build a strong financial future.
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Insight Financial Partners
Insight Financial Partners was established in 2002 by the principals of ROCG and Fran Hughes to provide a strong client focus that is delivered through high levels of personal services.  We are delighted to have celebrated more than 10 years in business.  In that time we have built a strong reputation in the marketplace while gaining the trust and loyalty of a solid client base.
We have gone from strength to strength and now have a highly capable team that provides our clients with outstanding customer service.
We look forward to building our relationships with existing and new clients for many more decades to come and remember that we are here to guide you through your journey to a successful financial future.
Insight Today, Your Dream Lifestyle Tomorrow
We know the need for all generations to be financially aware and empowered, we proudly provide comprehensive financial services at a personal level.

Our clients range from people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who want to make the right financial decisions in their lives and who want to make the best use of their assets and reduce risk. They want an advisor who is going to give them peace of mind that they are ‘on track’ and are making the best use of the financial position they find themselves in.
Experience has shown that our services are best suited to those people who are serious about their finances, are prepared to invest time in the process and willing to get a basic understanding of financial issues.
Insight Financial Partners is part of the Count network, one of Australia’s largest networks of financial accountants or accountant-based financial planners.
The simple goal of a Count Financial Adviser is to guide you through financial uncertainty by providing you with a plan giving you control over your financial future.
We offer you tax-effective financial and investment advice with ongoing support.
Our services cover six main areas: financial planning, wealth protection, superannuation, home and investment loans*, business loans and leasing* and ongoing reviews of your financial situation
We assess your current financial situation, listen to your goals in life and then guide you step-by-step to create, build and protect your wealth.


Count was established in 1980 and was listed on the ASX in 2000.  Most Count Financial Advisers are qualified practicing accountants who are CPAs or Chartered Accountants.  This means Count Financial Advisers can give you tax-effective advice on how to grow your wealth.  Count Financial Advisers operate from offices around Australia.  As a Member of Count we only recommend financial solutions based on in-depth research.
*Lending services are authorised by Finconnect (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 45 122 896 477 Australian Credit Licence No. 385888 a wholly owned subsidiary of Count Financial Limited
David Sutcliffe
Retired Business Banker, Valued Client
David shares with us his initial uncertainty about embarking on his retirement journey. Find out how he found the confidence to retire comfortably and enjoy the lifestyle he always looked forward to.
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Meet your financial planning and wealth creation team
  1. Matt Wood - Senior Wealth Advisor - Insight Financial Partners
    Matt Wood
    Matt believes that financial freedom is something that needs to be worked on and achieved over many years, and he welcomes the opportunity to assist you and your family on this journey.
  2. Peter Kinsman - Financial Advisors Perth - Financial Planning Perth
    Peter Kinsman
    Peter believes his clients come first. It has always been clients first and will always be. His focus is on the strategies for clients that enable them to achieve their goals. The recommendations of investment products sit as the last item on the agenda.
  3. Andrew Dobson - Financial Advisors Perth - Financial Planning Perth
    Andrew Dobson
    Andrew offers a highly proactive service and is a firm believer in doing as much of the legwork for clients as possible. While the strategies employed may sometimes seem complex, his aim is to make your financial life as effortless as possible. He also works closely with your existing professional advisers to ensure you have a coordinated and comprehensive plan.
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Insight Financial Partners ABN: 73 101 279 663 is an Authorised Representative of Count. ‘Count’ and ‘Count Wealth Accountants’ are trading names of Count Financial Limited ABN 19 001 974 625, AFSL No. 227232, a wholly-owned, non-guaranteed subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124. Count is a Professional Partner of the Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited.
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